In Another Universe…

I was once told that I measure people to a certain standard and when they don’t meet it, I immediately judge them.  I think this is true of many of us but I’ve been thinking about this line of thought more and more lately and wondered about it for a bit.  In an alternate universe, if I were me and met myself, what would I think of myself?  What expectations of my own don’t I meet?

When I encounter polyglots or those that have traveled the seven seas so to speak, those with philanthropic hearts, mothers who have extraordinary patience, people who have a passion and go after it fearlessly, I am always just so impressed.  Would I be just as  impressed with myself?

I once had a random conversation with my husband and said if I could have been born with one extra characteristic, it would have been drive.  I have always felt my downfall was the lack of relentless drive that successful people have to go after their desires. What would I say to myself in this moment?

Me: “I wish had been born with drive.”

Alternate Me: “Uh… ok. If you know you have the ‘desire’ to go do something and you know that you’re not terribly proactive in going after it, then make the decision to go after it. Helloo-ooo.”

Anyway, so here we are. Alternate me was right. There is a decision that needs to be made and thereafter a correlating action; period. I have been putting this off for some time… blogging, selling, posting, etc… if money is made, wonderful! But the discipline it takes to maintain blogs and sites, etc… that’s the part I’m working on…and I think with the discipline will automatically come the rewards.

How would you judge yourself? What attributes would you like to say that you have? In a perfect world, who are you? What do you need to work on in order to become that person? Is it patience? Is it perspective? Do you need to be more authentically grateful? Do you want to speak 5 languages? Do you want to be an adventurer? Do you want to be that person who is known for being fiscally responsible? The possibilities are endless, we all just need to take the time to pick and choose what qualities our ideal self would posses and then take action.

I imagine when you are most concerned with yourself and the contributions you make to others, your existence is liberated.

CHALLENGE: The next time you make a judgement on another, turn the judgement around and ask yourself if you wouldn’t be judged the same way? 



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