The Gift of Time

I have always been selfish with my time, however I find that when I give it, I am always wishful / hopeful that I remember how much fun I have so I’m more open to giving more in the future.  Sadly, this is not the case as I still find myself being incredibly leery of giving it… to anyone.

My challenge this year is to be more open; having more meals and doing more activities with friends and family and just learning to appreciate the rewards that come from giving others my time, especially when they give so freely. They are worth it and so am I.

Money cannot buy the genuine laughs that come in time.  It cannot buy the bond that is forged only with time spent.  It cannot buy the micro lessons that you learn when you’re with others.  Money is one commodity and time another.

With the modern age, we don’t spend as much time on the phone having long conversations into the night, we text.  No longer are we as apt to stop in on a friend just to check on them and then get invited in for coffee and a few impromptu laughs or even tears, we text and send emojis.  Even in the AOL days, we were sitting in chat rooms having full conversations with others (even if they were with potential creeps). It feels like life today, while amazing and efficient, has crept into our relationships and we give less time to each other, forgetting how truly valuable it it.

I will give more. I will take more.

CHALLENGE: Give your time to someone this week who you haven’t connected with recently; could be an old friend, a new friend, your parent(s), a sibling, even your spouse. Let them know they are as important to you as you claim. 



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