Some of My Atoms May Have Once Resided in Mozart.

So recently my husband and I celebrated his birthday and having celebrated many prior birthdays together, I struggled to get him something this year that would be meaningful and thoughtful, not so ordinary. I came across this website ( – which I HIGHLY recommend) and created a book for him based on his birthday year. It creates a personalized book that kind of shows what was cool when he was born and some other fun stuff in between. One of the lines in the books says…

“You’ve been a droplet of water in the ocean, all manner of living organisms and at least a billion of your atoms once belonged to Beethoven and Mozart – whilst a fair few belonged to a sea slug.”

Hmmm…. let me ponder this for a minute. Atoms, the building blocks of our universe, as a matter of energy, are neither created nor destroyed but can change form. So ok, in my simple mind I can see how the above statement could be somewhat true. Now let me think about this more…

If I am made of billions and billions of atoms and these atoms have been in existence since the beginning of time, whenever that was, WOW! I have atoms that may have once belonged to the greatest of the great (let’s not dwell on the sea slug :P)! And likewise, I suppose I have atoms that may have belonged to the worst of the worst. What does that really mean in my brain?

In my mind, I’m thinking I have a boatload of potential for greatness and for not so greatness. I have equal opportunity within myself. That’s pretty dang cool. Taking the positive road on this head trip of mine, I’m thinking if a part of me – even the smallest part, shared a body with Einstein, Edison, Mozart, Beethoven, Hellen Keller, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, Amelia Earhart, Louis Pasteur, Socrates, Van Gogh, etc… why can’t I be just as great? I also heard a line somewhere that goes something like, “genius is just hours and hours of hard work.”

Poof! Mind blown. If I put in the time, add to it, my atomic-level disposition for greatness, I’m freaking unstoppable! Don’t worry, my head is not at this very moment exploding on the computer screen from my overinflated ego, I’m just thinking wow… how cool is that? I am no different than them.

It also makes me wonder about other people. Our homeless communities, our special needs folks, our parents, our friends, our siblings and cousins, the damn neighbor next door who irritates the bejeezus out of me with his complete lack of manners and need to publicly argue with his baby mama and lets his dog walk around cold in the rain with no warm fireplace and cuddly blankets to snuggle in… (I digress). If energy from the greats was in any way apart of my own energy, then it’s safe to assume that this same energy resides in others too, no? Sheesh. Doesn’t mean I have to like my neighbor but it does bring me pause to wonder what pre-dispositioned greatness resides in him.

Something to think about.  More to come on this as I explore these thoughts more. In the mean time…..

CHALLENGE: If at birth you were formed from all the atoms of the greats, and you now know that, what will you do to honor your greatness and realize your full potential? And a side challenge, if you could see all the greatness in the one that annoys you the most, what would it be (obviously you’re making this up but I’m just wondering if we looked at others with an idea that they possessed a piece of awesomeness, wouldn’t we look at them a LITTLE differently – even my neighbor). 



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