Cast Iron Love

Random musings tonight, cast iron and love. So I was cooking tonight on my new cast iron pan; barely had time to season it before it’s first use.

If you’re unfamiliar with cast iron and cooking with it, here’s the short low down.

Cast Iron: It’s durable, the original nonstick (in my book – not sure how true this is though). It gets better every time you use it, becoming more and more nonstick. If you take care of it, it will last for hundreds of years and can be passed down from generation to generation. It can rust and become distressed with neglect BUT it can often be restored. It is strong, but brittle. It will break before it will bend.

So back to my thoughts tonight…. As I was cooking in my new pan, my thoughts wandered to my future children  or grandchildren sitting in the kitchen with me as I cook them a meal in this pan and how when I grow old and no longer cook, I will find joy again when I pass this pan down and watch them cook meals for their loved ones.

What I think is amazing is that cast iron is a lot like love; good old fashion love. The kind of love that is beautiful, sturdy, gets better over time and falters when it’s neglected. It’s like the kind of love that can more often than not, be restored with a good dose of elbow grease and yet, while cast iron is very strong, it is also brittle. And so like love, you can’t take advantage of the great relationships you have because they’re brittle too. Relationships needs to be protected, cared for, no matter how long you’ve had them and how much prior care they received. Good relationships are strong, they can withstand a lot and yet, they can break so easily.

I just thought how beautiful is my pan and how beautiful is love to be so fragile and resilient. I try to stock my kitchen with pots and pans that I can pass down, mainly because the primary way I show my love is through the meals I make and I figure if my kids or grandkids are using these items, they will be reminded daily of the love I had for them. Cast iron love. Quite obvious and yet so obscure. It is my hope that everyone who reads this, has or finds a love that is as beautiful as well seasoned cast iron.

Challenge: Use your cast iron pan and notice how beautiful it is, how strong it is, and yet at the end of it’s use, you must still give it that extra bit of TLC to make it last. If you don’t have a cast iron pan, go get one – it will teach you things :P. If you have one that’s been neglected, restore it. 


And tonight I’m listening to Ed Sheeran… particularly “Perfect,” maybe that’s why I’m all sappy.


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