Work is Fuel?

So in follow up to a previous blog post (In Another Universe…) I have been working on my website (a preowned clothing store) and I’m excited to say, I’m live! And ironically enough, the moment I hit the button and “went live” I FELT alive!

I used to be jealous of those that knew their passion from birth, when you look back on their lives, their passions were always apparent and as an adult, they seemed to have followed a predestined course that they inherently knew of. I never had that. I always wanted that. Have you ever felt the same? You’re interested in various things but PASSION? Pffh, forget about it, you don’t like it THAT much.

Well folks, I’m here to tell you from first hand experience, you no longer have to be jealous. Remember when I quoted in a previous post that “genius is just hours and hours of hard work?” I believe after this past weekend that passion is too. Passion is just hours and hours of hard work.

I have been procrastinating getting my online store up and running and I tackled this weekend with ONE task in mind… get an Instagram page created to start showing off my inventory. This sounds easy enough but it involves photo editing, writing descriptions, etc… Let me tell you, Friday night I didn’t get to bed until about 2am. I was completely lost in what I was doing and had so much energy. Once I got my IG page up, I felt compelled to work on my actual website; I mean, what’s the point of teasing people with product and then there’s no place for them to purchase? One accomplishment led to another task which led to another accomplishment and before you know it, Sunday night, I went live.

This morning, a typical Monday morning where I would normally feel sad to wake up  and unenergetic to face the day with tasks that were important for sure, but not necessarily important TO me, I felt different. I felt excited. I couldn’t wait to do my best throughout today, be as efficient as possible to ensure I wouldn’t have to work in the evening or pile up my workload, all in the anticipation of being off hours and working on this blog and my sites. I had a moment of clarity and thought, OMG, THIS IS PASSION!


My Live Site!  Hard Work Applied to my Interest Got Me from Zero to Live Website in 3 Days! THIS is what Passion Feels Like!

I realized in that one moment that one’s passion doesn’t neccessarily present itself conspicuously or explosively, it’s not always sitting there with a big red bow waiting for you to open it. Passion, like in my case, can be nurtured and cultivated from a seedling of interest or desire. Putting in the hard work was like releasing a drawn bow (as in bow and arrow) and liberating all the energy that was stored. I feel like I’m going full force towards a target and I’m excited. The hard work is the fuel. Usually we associate hard work with GETTING tired  but maybe that’s because if hard work is the fuel, we’re often fueling the wrong thing?

Well, my site is still in process and I will continue to upload inventory and whatnot, but I do hope if you’re reading this, you’ll check out the fruits of my labor. I’m excited and completely passionate about the whole shebang. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like :D.

Challenge: Simple – but requires a LITTLE work ;).  For those of you who are a little lost and don’t know what your passion is, create a list of 5 to 10 things that you’re genuinely interested in and be specific. Now sort the list by degree of interest (most interested on top, least interested on the bottom). Now work. Sounds simple and it is. Forget all the planning and trying to get everything right the first time. If your passion lies within a specific interest, the work will make it apparent (i.e., you’ll be fueling the right interest). Work may come in different forms, maybe it’s going back to school, maybe it’s reading up on a subject or doing research, maybe it’s putting fingers to keyboard and launching something. It’s different for everyone but if you want to find that passion, apply the work. If by working you don’t see a gradual increase in excitement and energy,  then move on. 

***Disclaimer, I’m no guru and I’m certainly no expert. What I am however, is a human being who struggles like everyone to find the motivation, to discover the passion, and feel like I’m fulfilling my soul and contributing to the greater good. Take my thoughts or leave them… If you take them though, please let me know what you think and if they help you.



One thought on “Work is Fuel?

  1. Vivian says:

    I absolutely love your analogy of the bow and arrow! It also reminds me that behind the passion there lives courage… (yea, like the Disney animated movie 🎥 BRAVE)

    Thank you for such an amazing and inspiring post! I can feel your energy already and your words are fueling my passion as well!

    Can’t wait to shop at your store!! Keep up the great work!


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