A Little Bragging…

The other day I wanted to do my grocery shopping in the evening, a variant from my normal schedule of weekend shopping on Saturday early morning. My husband had been talking about the Warriors game all day and even bought himself a new Warriors shirt to wear for the game. Now, we normally run our errands together as we find, believe it or not, that the mundane things are actually quite enjoyable when we do them together and more often than not, they somehow become quality time.

It seems that the hubs was conflicted as I prepared to leave to accomplish this task on my own (I wanted him to watch the game he had been looking forward to) but then he really surprised me and said, “agh, my wife is more important than the Warriors.” OMG! Can I just tell you? Those were just the sweetest words. I (the wife) am Number 1 to my husband. By the way, I already knew that I am his number 1 but it meant a lot for him to tell me so through his actions.

I just wanted to brag a little and publicly appreciate my husband. He makes me laugh, he makes every small moment special, he appreciates me, and he bends over backwards to make sure I am happy. He digs the holes in my garden (which is no simple feat), he carries the hundred pound bags of dirt so I don’t have to. Every morning he asks what he can get me (usually it’s coffee but he asks anyway just in case I change my mind). He always cleans the house before I get home so I can walk into a peaceful and clean environment after a long day at work. He argues with me over what’s for dinner because he’s constantly trying to make my life as easy as possible.

I really could go on and on but but what the point of today’s post is, is this. If you have someone you cherish and love in your life, husband, wife, friend, daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, 17th cousin, whomever! Appreciate them. Say the words and show the action. We often take for granted that the other person “knows” you love them but I think we all forget at times that the words are just as important. Days later I’m still thinking about his words and how important they made me feel, they were that powerful.

Challenge: Tell someone you love something kind and out of the ordinary. Surprise them with your thoughtful and intent-filled words. What are they more important than? Then comment below what their reaction was. Were they shocked? Did they smile? Did you just absolutely make their day? #youremoreimportantthan



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