Zooming In

Have you ever looked at something and passed it off with quick judgement? Could be from the most insignificant connection that you’re looking at a rose to a deeper judgement that you’re looking at an idiot. Not lying… I (as I assume many of us) do this everyday, constantly.

I was lying on the grass the other day in my yard and I happened to be near my roses. Slightly bored, I found myself looking at a rose, I mean REALLY looking at a rose. My eyes gazed at the tip of the bud and followed the bud down to the hip – pretty ordinary stuff I suppose. But then I grabbed my camera and put it on super zoom and started all over. Again I started at the tip of the rose bud and then worked my way down… this time I passed the rose hip and paused on the top portion of the stem. I was FASCINATED! What to the naked eye looks like a skinny prickly stem, under magnification, is a strength unseen, little protrusions with nubs at the ends, life forms existing and going about their business of surviving. I couldn’t stop. Next I took my zoom lens to the palm bark my husband had just cast aside. With my eyes alone it looked like gray dead garbage. With my zoom lens I started to appreciate the undulations and fold of the bark, the fine hairlike textures, and the color variants on the surface. Then I decided to view the dirt, yup, the dirt. I sat there for a good 30 seconds and allowed my eyes to adjust to this super zoomed life I was peering into and I was just mesmerized by all that was happening. Ants were busy traversing invisible highways, roly polys were bumbling along (I think some may have been caught a few doing the horizontal polka? but I’m not well versed on the procreation of roly polys so who knows, maybe they were wrestling).

Anyway…seeing life in super zoom made me think (as you know by now, I often have offbeat random thoughts) and I started to think about everything in life that we see as one thing but we never stop to zoom in and see what something is really made up of. Somebody seems funny but when we zoom in, maybe it’s a mask to hide hurt. Someone seems sad but when we zoom in maybe they’re content and at peace. A couple may look perfect and like the epitome of love and maybe there is abuse. I don’t know, I’m making this up… but I think the concept holds true. How much of what we see is really so much more if we bother to stop and look closer?

I find this deeper view of all that is around me quite intriguing. It makes me more curious about what else am I missing? What else is happening right under my nose? What textures have I not appreciated before – textures in life and textures of people?

I wonder if we all stop and pause and consciously look a little deeper at everything and everyone around us, if we wouldn’t find a new quality in  the whos and whats around us that we just didn’t see before. The world may never look the same.

CHALLENGE: Take one person that you think you know very well and zoom in. What facets of that person have you never noticed before, could be physical, could be emotional or of their personality and talents. What did you learn? What was always there but you just overlooked? Fascinating stuff. Please share what you find! What surprised you most?



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