About Me

15713831202_7ed14cb6d2_bHi there!

My name is J.Jacuinde. I am a wife, a step-mother to a young adult daughter, a mother to five 4-legged snuggle bugs, and I have a day job and a side job.

At my core, I am an old soul. I was playing the piano at 5, learned to crochet at 7, taught myself to knit around age 11, started sewing around the same time, cooked full meals for my family since middle school, and cooked an entire Easter feast by myself at 16. I’m also a recent convert to the Vegan community (I watched too many eye-opening documentaries to not convert).  I like to garden (though it’s not my forte) and in general, if it’s something my grandmother could appreciate, I probably do too.