Zooming In

Have you ever looked at something and passed it off with quick judgement? Could be from the most insignificant connection that you're looking at a rose to a deeper judgement that you're looking at an idiot. Not lying... I (as I assume many of us) do this everyday, constantly. I was lying on the grass … Continue reading Zooming In

A Little Bragging…

The other day I wanted to do my grocery shopping in the evening, a variant from my normal schedule of weekend shopping on Saturday early morning. My husband had been talking about the Warriors game all day and even bought himself a new Warriors shirt to wear for the game. Now, we normally run our … Continue reading A Little Bragging…

The Value of Words

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend and she kept using the word "cheap" in reference to herself. After she used this word several times in the course of a 5-minute conversation, I couldn't help but wonder if she was "cheap" or if she just couldn't articulate that she was frugal … Continue reading The Value of Words

Work is Fuel?

So in follow up to a previous blog post (In Another Universe…) I have been working on my website (a preowned clothing store) and I'm excited to say, I'm live! And ironically enough, the moment I hit the button and "went live" I FELT alive! I used to be jealous of those that knew their … Continue reading Work is Fuel?

Cast Iron Love

Random musings tonight, cast iron and love. So I was cooking tonight on my new cast iron pan; barely had time to season it before it's first use. If you're unfamiliar with cast iron and cooking with it, here's the short low down. Cast Iron: It's durable, the original nonstick (in my book - not … Continue reading Cast Iron Love

Some of My Atoms May Have Once Resided in Mozart.

So recently my husband and I celebrated his birthday and having celebrated many prior birthdays together, I struggled to get him something this year that would be meaningful and thoughtful, not so ordinary. I came across this website (www.thebookofeveryone.com - which I HIGHLY recommend) and created a book for him based on his birthday year. … Continue reading Some of My Atoms May Have Once Resided in Mozart.

In Another Universe…

I was once told that I measure people to a certain standard and when they don't meet it, I immediately judge them.  I think this is true of many of us but I've been thinking about this line of thought more and more lately and wondered about it for a bit.  In an alternate universe, … Continue reading In Another Universe…