About Me

Hi!15713831202_7ed14cb6d2_b  My name is J. Jacuinde. I am a wife, a step-mother to a young adult daughter, a mother to five 4-legged snuggle bugs and I have a day job to boot.

I have always been told that I’m an old soul. This is true, I am a traditionalist at heart yet I appreciate a modern twist to things.

My goal in life by the time I was about 12 was to take over Martha Stewart’s empire. I lived and breathed her. I thought she had the greatest job, doing everything that I already loved doing: cooking, cleaning, organizing, and crafting (which back then was called “Good Things”). She was my Wonder Woman. Fast forward a few decades and here I am, NOT Martha Stewart’s boss but still a very inspired woman who still loves doing all of the above. I get satisfaction from learning new tips and tricks and how to improve on old ones.

The funny thing about the web these days is that information is being shared at the speed of light and everyone knows everything! Or so I thought. It seems that there is still a benefit to sharing all that I’ve learned and hopefully you’ll set a spell and gather some new information of your own, be inspired a little, or learn how to improve on something you already knew.

Come back often as I’ll be updating regularly and adding new content.

You can also check out in more depth, my love of cooking at jjacuindeskitchen.com and most recently I have started an online store, secondchancethreads.com where you can pick up a new outfit without breaking your bank. Sift through the thoughtfully curated pieces I’ve picked up from various places and either sanitized completely, or repaired or refreshed for your styling pleasure :D.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to “see you again” soon.

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